For core pickup please go to: WWW.COREPICKUP.COM and fill out the request. You MUST have your serial number off your products prior to submitting the request.

Due to the increased scarcity of cores and quality of cores ATK has no choice but to implement a core charge on our High Performance Engines. Once ATK receives your core and inspects it, it will take about 30 days to get your refund in the mail. If you did not purchase your engine directly from ATK, your core credit would be reimbursed by the company you purchased it through, NOT from ATK.

To schedule a Core Pickup please go to: and follow the steps. ATK does cover the freight to get your core back to us. You will just need to have it palletized or in a crate free of all fluids for pickup.

  • Engine Size/Family Qualifications – The core returned must be the same cubic inch as the core purchased i.e. Chevy 350 for a Chevy 350, NOT a 305 for a 350 core. In regards to Year/Generation ATK will accept any for your core return.
  • Core Condition– All cores returned must be in rebuildable condition to receive core credit. Like-for-like cores returned without visible holes or cracks in the block, not missing any parts, drained and bolted to the undamaged supplied skid will receive full credit.
  • Short Block Cores – A short block core will consist of the same components the engine is shipped with (Complete Block, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods & Pistons). If you decide to ship the engine back with any additional components (Camshaft, Heads, Etc.), no additional credit will be issued.
  • Engine Cores – A engine core will consist of the long block which will include (Complete Block, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Pistons, Camshaft, Cylinder Heads, Valve Train & Timing Components). If you decide to ship the engine back with any additional components, no additional credit will be issued.