Do you have an engine core you would like to sell? ATK is currently buying old engine cores for the below applications. We have a few locations that if local, you can drop them off or we offer engine core pick up directly from you at a discounted charge.

Core Condition: The engine core must be a rebuildable core. This means the core must rotate 360 degrees (not locked up) or have any holes/cracks.

Core Dress Level: We are looking for long block engine cores which include: engine block, cylinder heads and all internal engine components. The core must be fully assembled with all main caps, rod caps, bolts, etc. in the proper location.

Core Pickup: The core must be drained of all fluids and securely palletized or crated before we can issue a call tag.

Inspection: All cores are subject to inspection. Damaged or broken cores will not be eligible for a full credit. If the core is not usable, no credit will be given. It is the customers responsibility to confirm this.

If you have something on the list below you would like to sell and see what its worth, please feel free to shoot us an email at the following email address:

Or, fill out the info at: Core Bounty Program – My Car Care

Below is a list of what we are currently looking for, nothing outside of this list at this time.

ATK #DescriptionCasting Numbers – Notes
DC541979-1985 CHEVY 350 4BLT INB-207-209 H-624-642-114 4BOLT (DC12)