ATK SP105 GEN V LT 416CI Forged Short Block +20cc Dished Pistons NA/Boost/Nitrous Ready



Lead Time: Estimated: 4 - 6 weeks



This short block is built for Naturally Aspirated engines, Boost or Nitrous. We start with a new GM LT Block and outfit it with a Manley 4340 Forged Crankshaft, H Beam Rods with ARP2000 bolts, Manley 2618 Forged Pistons and Total Seal CS AP ring package with Steel Top Rings. This short block will also have the factory piston squirters installed. ARP Main Stud upgrade $300.00

Engine Specifications:
• Block: New GM LT1/LT4
• Bore/Stroke: 4.065” x 4.000”
• Displacement ( 416 CID
• Crankshaft: Manley 4340 forged 58 tooth reluctor wheel
• Rods: Manley 4340 forged H beam 6.125” ARP 2000 bolts
• Pistons: 2618 forged +20cc dished
• Rings: Total Seal CS AP Steel Top Ring with Napier 2nd Ring Set
• Camshaft Bearings: Installed & Clocked to OEM Position
• Freeze Plugs: Installed & Sealed
• Oil Galley Plugs: Installed & Sealed

Recommended Components:
• Balancer- Internal balance
• Flex plate/ Flywheel- Internal balance
• Head Gasket: .051” or per application
• Oil Pump: Factory

Engine Info:
• Oil: 5W30 Non synthetic for first 3000 miles
• Oil Filter: Wix or K&N per application


Disclaimer: The recommended components listed are ATK’s recommendations of parts to be used, applications vary and your build may need something different. Contact ATK for a recommendation if you’re not certain about a component to use. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify components will work in their application. Some modifications to the vehicle may be required using these and or other aftermarket parts. ATK reserves the right to substitute parts used in engines if necessary.