LS 3.622″ Stroke Crankshaft Reman 24 Tooth



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This is an ATK Reman Crankshaft with the Main/Rod Journals turned to .010/.010. This does not include bearings. Great foundation for a new engine build. All crankshafts will need to be balanced. This crankshaft can be used for any LS engine build where a 3.622″ Crank is needed with proper balancing and if needed, swapping the reluctor wheel to the 58 tooth.

This crankshaft is an OE Reman version of GM #89017522 without the high price tag.

Crankshaft Model Or Series: Standard Weight
Make: Chevy & GMC
Engine: LS-Series (5.3, 5.7, 6.0)
Material: OE Nodular Cast
Stroke: 3.622″ Stroke
Balance: Internal Balance
Rear Main Seal: 1 Piece Rear Main Seal
Reluctor Wheel 24-Tooth
Main/Rod Journal: .010/.010


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