ATK Chevy HPLC9N 5.3L Engine 475HP/435TQ 58 Tooth



Lead Time: Typically 1-2 Weeks



A 100 New GM LH6/LC9 5.3L engine that ATK has gone through and installed a performance camshaft package in. We also deleted the AFM/DOD for this engine. If you intend on using this for an application that utilizes the AFM/DOD, this must be turned off in the ECM. This engine will come with the valve covers and timing cover, NO OIL PAN OR PUMP. This is an all aluminum engine that is known for its extra thick cylinder sleeves. These are limited production, only 50 of them will be sold. *Dyno figures are based on using a 750CFM carburetor and Vic Jr. intake manifold with 1 7/8 headers. With an EFI system this will pick up power.


Engine Specifications:
• HP: 475
• TQ: 430
• Block: New GM 5.3L Aluminum
• Bore/Stroke: 3.780”x 3.622
• Displacement ( 323
• Crankshaft: OEM GM 58 tooth reluctor wheel
• Rods: Stock GM
• Pistons: Hypereutectic Flat Top 9.9:1 compression
• Rings: Moly
• Camshaft: Hyd. roller
• Cam Specs: 223/231 @50 .610/.617 112LSA COMP CAM #54-457-11
• Cylinder Heads: OE 799 or 243 aluminum 65cc 2.000”/1.575” valves
• Rocker Arms: OE powdered metal 1.7 ratio

Recommended Components:
• Oil- 5W30
• Fuel System – OE EFI System
• Intake – Stock Fuel Injected or Aftermarket
• Balancer- Stock Internally Balanced
• Flex plate/Flywheel- Stock Internally Balanced
• Spark Plug- Stock
• Spark Plug Gap- .035”
• Timing- Set to Factory Specifications Via PCM Module (Tune Required)
• Firing Order- Stock
• Fuel – 91 Octane
• Recommended Stall Converter- 2200+ based on application
• Headers- 1 7/8” depending on application

Notes: This engine is a brand new GM 5.3L that GM built for 2005-2009 Trucks and SUV’s. ATK did a camshaft and valve spring upgrade along with AFM/DOD delete. For optimal Performance you will need headers, chassis dyno tune (required) and upgraded injectors. If you are using this as a swap for a vehicle mentioned above, the AFM/DOD will have to be turned off in the ECM. Power figures may vary depending on which induction system is used. Dyno figures are based on using a 750CFM carburetor and Vic Jr. intake manifold with 1 7/8 headers.


Disclaimer: The parts listed are ATK’s recommendations of parts to be used to obtain our power figures listed. Power figures can vary based on parts used by the end user. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify components will work in their application. Some modifications to the vehicle may be required using these and or other aftermarket parts. . ATK reserves the right to substitute parts used in engines if necessary.


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