ATK HP67 Jeep 4.7L Street Stroker Base Engine 205HP for 99-06 Jeeps



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1999-2004 Grand Cherokee
2000-2006 Wrangler


Engine Specifications:
• HP: 205
• TQ: 280
• Block: OE block #327AB or 328AB
• Bore/Stroke: 3.915” or 3.935” x 3.895”
• Displacement: 4.6L / 4.7L
• Crankshaft: Scat nodular iron with .850” pilot hole
• Rods: OE
• Pistons: Hypereutectic 9.3:1 compression
• Rings: Moly
• Camshaft: Hyd. flat tappet
• Cam Specs: 206/212 @50 .462in/.478ex 113LSA
• Timing Chain: Single roller
• Cylinder Heads: OE cast iron #0331 1999-2006
• Rocker Arms: OE stamped steel
• Oil Pump: Melling standard volume

Recommended Components:
• Balancer: OE
• Flexplate/Flywheel: OE
• Intake Manifold: OE
• Throttle Body: OE
• Fuel Pump: OE
• Ignition: OE ignition system
• Spark Plugs: Autolite #AP985
• Spark Plug Wires: OE
• Water Pump: OE per application

Engine Info:
• Oil: Conventional / Non Synthetic 10W30 with Comp Cam zinc additive #159 for first 3000 miles
• Oil Filter: Wix or K&N
• Timing: Factory settings
• Spark Plug Gap: .035”
• Firing Order: 153624
• Octane: 91+
• Stall Converter: Stock
• Exhaust: Headers/Performance exhaust

Notes: This engine will work with all stock components, but ATK recommends a cold air intake, headers, exhaust and chip for maximum power potential.


Disclaimer: The parts listed are ATK’s recommendations of parts to be used to obtain our power figures listed. Power figures can vary based on parts used by the end user. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify components will work in their application. Some modifications to the vehicle may be required using these and or other aftermarket parts. . ATK reserves the right to substitute parts used in engines if necessary.


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