ATK SPE3881800 Dart LS Next 388CI 1800HP Rated Short Block



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ATK’s new Elite Series LS Short Blocks are a step of above the rest. Every engine is a well thought out parts combination that is purpose built for each application.

Engine Specifications:
• Block: Dart SHP LS Next Cast Iron
• Bore/Stroke: 4.125” x 3.622”
• Displacement ( 388 CID
• Crankshaft: Dart Billet 58 tooth reluctor wheel
• Rods: Manley Pro Series I Beams 4340 Forged 6.125″ ARP 2000 Bolts
• Pistons: JE Ultra Flat Top 2618 Forged with Thermal Coating, Lateral Gas Ports, .200″ Pin
• Rings: JE Pro Seal with Carbon Steel Top Ring
• Bearings: Calico Coated Clevite H Series
• Compression Ratios: 66cc= 10.65:1 / 68cc= 10.4:1 / 70cc= 10.2:1 (with .051″ gasket)
• Camshaft Bearings: Installed & Clocked to OEM Position
• Freeze Plugs: Installed & Sealed
• Oil Galley Plugs: Installed & Sealed

Recommended Components:
• Balancer- Internal balance
• Flex plate/ Flywheel- Internal balance
• Head Gasket: .051” or per application
• Oil Pump: Melling #10296 with high pressure spring

Engine Info:
• Oil: 20W50 Non synthetic for first 3000 miles
• Oil Filter: Wix or K&N per application
• Oil Pump: Melling 10296 with red spring


Features & Benefits

  • Dart LS Next SHP Skirted Block – The Dart block features a full skirt design with a priority main oiling system, steel four bolt main caps and is setup to run a 4 or 6 bolt cylinder head.
  • Dart BILLET Crankshaft – The Dart Billet crankshafts are proven to handle over 2000HP and outfitted with Center Counter Weights. The CCW not only add material and strength to the center of the crank, but they also add balance and stability that counters the jump rope effect under high RPM and increased power.
  • Manley Pro Series I Beam Connecting Rods – Manley’s Pro Series I Beam Rods have become the benchmark for fully machined/billet style high end connecting rods in the performance industry. These Rods have a heavier beam for forced induction applications.
  • JE Ultra Series Pistons – The Ultra line combines all the best, most desirable piston features, such as thermal barrier crown coating, lateral gas ports, thick – wall wrist pins and a new forging technology for the ultimate strength. They are specifically designed for Massive Power and Boost right out of the box.
  • JE Pro Steel Rings – The JE Pro Steel Rings are designed to maximize horsepower through precision sealing of combustion pressure. This ring pack will have a carbon steel top ring for high boost applications.
  • Calico Coated Bearings – This dry film lubricant helps reduce friction and abrasive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication and is not affected by dust or dirt. It is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of High Performance engines!
  • Suitable for a Single or Twin Turbo application!
  • Custom builds available!


Disclaimer: The recommended components listed are ATK’s recommendations of parts to be used, applications vary and your build may need something different. Contact ATK for a recommendation if you’re not certain about a component to use. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify components will work in their application. Some modifications to the vehicle may be required using these and or other aftermarket parts. ATK reserves the right to substitute parts used in engines if necessary.


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