ATK HPE416B LS3 Boost Ready 416CI 660HP Long Block



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ATK’s new Elite Series LS Long Blocks are a step of above the rest. Every engine is a well thought out parts combination that is purpose built for each application. All of our Elite Series long blocks are fully machined, blueprinted and dyno tested to ensure quality prior to shipping. This long block is rated to 1100HP!

Engine Specifications:
• HP: 660 (Naturally Aspirated)
• TQ: 580 (Naturally Aspirated)
• Block: New GM LS3 with ARP Main Studs
• Bore/Stroke: 4.065″ x 4.000″
• Displacement ( 416
• Crankshaft: Manley 4.000″ Stroke Internally Balanced 58 Tooth
• Rods: Manley H Beams 4340 Forged 6.125″ ARP 2000 Bolts
• Pistons: Manley 2618 Forged
• Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
• Rings: Total Seal CS AP with Steel Top Ring
• Camshaft: Hyd. roller
• Cam Specs: Custom ATK Grind
• Cylinder Heads: Frankenstein M311 72cc/273cc with Black Nitride Stainless Steel Severe Duty Valves, Titanium Retainers and PAC .700″ lift Springs
• Head Fasteners: ARP Head Studs
• Head Gaskets: Cometic MLX
• Lifters: Johnson 2116LSR Link Bar
• Rocker Arms: OE powdered metal 1.7 ratio with Trunnion Upgrade
• Oil Pump: Melling

Recommended Components:
• Oil- 20W50
• Oil Filter: Wix
• Fuel System – OE EFI System or Aftermarket
• Intake – Stock Fuel Injected or Aftermarket
• Balancer- SFI Internally Balanced
• Flex plate/Flywheel- Stock Internally Balanced
• Timing- Set to Factory Specifications Via PCM Module (Tune Required)
• Spark Plug: NGK BR7
• Tuning: Chassis dyno tune required
• Firing Order- Stock
• Fuel – 91+ Octane
• Recommended Stall Converter- 2800+ based on application
• Headers- 1 7/8”+ depending on application

Notes: This engine is built to handle up to 20PSI of Boost from either a Turbo or Super Charger.



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