Frankenstein M311 273cc LS3 Cylinder Heads (SET)



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The Monster Series is the first threshold into HP creation far beyond any OEM head.

Frankenstein introduced another level of horsepower when The Monster was brought to life. FED poured our arsenal of precision engineering into a common cylinder head and woke the industry. Intake and exhaust chambers are 5-Axis CNC ported with our latest high performance program, meticulously hand blended and deburred. Our strict quality control processes ensure extreme attention to detail and precise tolerances. High quality components include FED’s premier stainless steel severe duty valves, custom PAC .700” lift valve springs, titanium retainers, bronze guides and hi-temp silicone exhaust o-ring gaskets.

Monster’s crazy cousin “Boost Monster” is now available for power adders. The Boost Monster features CHE mag-bronze valve guides and Inconel exhaust valves for the increased heat. Both the Monster and Boost Monster fit all standard equipment such as valve covers, headers, LS3 Intakes, and OEM-type LS3 rocker arms. (Billet Rocker Stands Available Separately)

Fully CNC ported, 72cc chamber volume
273cc intake port, 112cc exhaust port and 11° valve angle
High Quality Components:
Black Nitride Stainless Steel Severe Duty Valves
Custom PAC .700” Lift Valve Springs
Titanium Retainers
O-Ringed Exhaust Ports (Hi-Temp Silicone O-rings Included)
2″ Headers Recommended

Rocker Stands Sold Separate



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