Manley LS 6.125 Pro Series I-Beam Connecting Rods w/ ARP 2000 Bolts 14559-9



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Small Block Chevrolet LS / LT1 .025” Longer Pro Series I-Beam Standard Weight Connecting Rods (ARP 2000) – Set of 8 by Manley Performance
Everything in your engine needs to be built to handle heat. Everything you do for more performance makes that engine a much hotter place, which can subject your internals to excessive damage.

Manley Performance Products have a long history of making connecting rods with unbelievable strength and durability. Made from aircraft-quality, 4340 vacuum degassed material, each rod is forged for the perfect weight. Each rod is shot peened after machining and magnafluxing. The bores are perfectly round without tapering, and the bend and twist is tightly controlled.

These rods are available with a variety of bolts for your application. At Modern Automotive Performance, our mechanics have plenty of experience working with Manley connecting rods and can tell you exactly how their Pro Series I-Beam rods can benefit your vehicle.

Center-to-Center: 6.125”
Big End Bore: 2.225”
Big End Width: .940”
Pin End Width: 1.000”
Pin Bore:.9281”
Average Gram: 705 g
Heavier beam for forced induction applications
Forged from 4340 aircraft quality vacuum degassed material
Fully machined to produce the lightest and strongest rod possible
Shot peened after machining to MIL spec and 100% individually magnafluxed
Cap fasteners are 7/16” ARP 2000

Bores are round and without taper
Bend and twist is tightly controlled
Flywheel horsepower range is 1,200+ HP Oval Track and 1,500+ HP Drag Race


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