Melling 10295 LS Oil Pump



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10295, Standard Volume, High Pressure Gen III Oil Pump
Melling improved the standard volume GM LS Gen III oil pump. Design changes to the housing, cover, and components together combine to improve the performance, durability, and capability of the oil pump. Melling has engineered this oil pump specifically for performance LS applications. It can be used in any GM Gen III application that uses Melling’s stock replacement M295 oil pump.

Features include:

Exclusive rotor design with improved strength
Hard coat anodized aluminum housing
Phosphate coated cast iron cover
High pressure (+10 psi) spring installed
Includes optional standard pressure spring
Includes optional +25 psi spring for COPO applications
Threaded pressure relief nut
Uses 7/8” stock bolt-on oil pickup tube assembly
Includes O-rings for oil pickup tube assembly


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