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The Weiand Speed Warrior Intake Manifold features long, separated runners for bottom-end and mid-range power, plus a special runner design and larger plenum to flow the air needed for high-rpm horsepower. All of this usable power makes this intake manifold perfect for your street and strip hot rod!

Weiand developed the first-ever aluminum intake manifold in 1937. Thirty years later Weiand developed complete blower drives for the GMC 6-71 supercharger. Today, Weiand is still at the forefront of intake manifold and blower development as well as high flow water pumps. To make more power you have to get more air to your engine. Look to Weiand as your power source!


Satin (as cast) finish for and even surface texture
Precision CNC machining
High Rise/Dual Plane Design
Square Bore Carburetor Flange
Exhaust Crossover for Improved Street Drivability (Standard Small Block Chevy Heads)
Power band: 1500-6700 RPM
Height: Front 4.19″, Rear 5.27″
Port Size: 1.92” height, 1.16″ width

Warranty: Limited 90 Day


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